Submission Terms
Submission Terms

Authors presenting articles agree to comply with the following terms:


1.   The journal should be published in an electronic format.

2.   Articles should be submitted through the electronic platform and follow the instructions.

3.   By submitting an article, the author confirms that the article has not been published in any other journal.

4.   Only original and completed research papers are accepted.

5.   Articles must be written in the format given in the “Author Guidelines”.

6.   All articles should be submitted in English.

7.   Before the review, the editor examines whether the article complies with the requirements. Non-complying articles will be immediately rejected and the authors will be informed about the reasons for rejection. The final deadline for the submission of the new version will be communicated to them.

8.   Each article submitted to the journal will be checked by 2 reviewers.

9.   The authors should take into account all the comments of the reviewers and make corrections. The third reviewer gives a reference to the objections of the author. The final decision on the publication of the article will be made by the editor-in-chief.

10. The published articles are copyrighted by the Editorial Board.

11.  Modified or revised versions are not accepted after the deadline determined by the editor-in-chief. Any adjustments made after that date are not taken into account.

12. Articles, accepted for publication, will be checked by special anti-plagiarism software.

13. By submitting an article, the author confirms that he/she has obtained permission from the co-authors mentioned in the article.

14. All the used sources should be cited and the authors should guarantee that each and every reference is complete and accurate.

15. By uploading the article, the author gives the publishers the right to publish and retain the article.

16. Requests to withdraw an article are considered by the editor-in-chief. He/she may accept or reject the request.

17. Articles will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. This means that the journal is open to the public in electronic form, anyone can download and read the article for free. Besides, the article may be reprinted and quoted, provided that there is a reference to the originally published version.


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